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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep up with ever-changing tax laws?
With the complexity of our tax system, it’s tough to track how tax laws can impact your business or personal financial affairs. At GPCD Partners, LLC, we make it our priority to track these changes for you to keep you in compliance while minimizing your tax exposure. For those clients who like to have a deeper understanding, we provide a tax alert section on our website.

I recently had a baby. I know I need a will. What else do I need to ensure my loved ones are taken care of?
Today, there is a number of estate planning strategies. Wills. Living wills. Living trusts. Child trusts. The right strategy for you depends on your present and future goals as well as the types of protection you want for your family. At GPCD, our estate planning experts will consult with you to determine what you and your family will need. Our legal team will then prepare the appropriate documents you and your family will need to ensure a protected future.

Most personal financial planners only want to sell me on a suite of investments. How are you different?
GPCD is an independent, fee-based financial advisor. We do not get commissions from banks, mutual fund companies, etc. Our job is to work with you as an advisor to create a financial strategy that will empower you to achieve both your business and personal financial goals.

How can you help me secure funding for a new business venture?
At GPCD, we have relationships with a number of banks, venture capitalists and private investors. As your financial partner, we have the ability to leverage these relationships to help you finance your business plans.

We are thinking about investing in real estate can you help us with picking the proper entity to hold the real estate (ie) LLC, “S” Corporation, or Partnership? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each and what is best way to minimize taxes?
At GPCD, we can help you pick the most advantageous entity by taking into account tax and non tax considerations. Some of the non tax considerations include financing and liability issues. We represent a lot of real estate developers and investors (as well as being investors ourselves) and we can help navigate the real estate game to help maximize your returns, maximize tax savings, and help secure financing through our various contacts if needed.

I am starting a new business or want to expand can you help secure financing?
Yes! Depending on your situation-- we often times can help our clients secure loans through banks, SBA loans, or private loans to start or expand a business.

I have IRS tax issues and liens can you help?
Yes! Depending on the situation – we can often times lower the tax due or have penalties and interest abated or reduced. We can also once the tax is established set-up a payment plan with the IRS to settle back taxes over time or in some special cases settle the taxes for a fraction of the tax owed.

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